14 Surefire Ways to Win Back Your Ex

~Partially~ inspired by Legally Blonde.

We all have an ex we view as “the one who got away.” Whether it was their rippling six pack, razor-sharp wit or the fact they had a hot tub, this bae was a special brand of bae. Late at night, you lay in bed with ice cream residue on your lip dreaming about what it would be like to still be with them. But that’s just a pipe’s dream. Taylor Swift will take a selfie with Katy Perry before you ever snap another picture with Dream Bae again.

Except that’s not true. It isn’t that hard to win back your ex. If you follow these 14 steps, we guarantee you’ll be cozied up to your boo’s pecs by Valentine’s Day. Our inspiration? Feminist icon Elle Woods, who went to great lengths to win back her Warner in Legally Blonde. You, too, can be Elle. We all can.

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  1. Make out with a significantly hotter person right in front of them.


    See what you’re missing, bb?

  2. Get crackin’ on that #RevengeBody, then wear something that shows it off.


    What do you mean? I always study in sparkly bikini tops.

  3. Start hanging out with their friends, and post all about it on social media.


    Sorry we didn’t invite you. You’re sort of an a–hole.

  4. Prove to them you’re smart enough to also get into Harvard Law School, then surprise them on campus.


    A very easy task.

  5. Shower them with gifts and snacks.


    Chocolate, diamonds, chocolate diamonds, etc.

  6. Have their friends set them up on an awful blind date.


    This will prove you’re as good as it’s ’gonna get.

  7. Wear a costume to a non-costume party they’re attending to prove how GOSH DARN FUN you are.


    “I just decided to dress up.”

  8. Park in front of their house and blast y’all’s “song” in your car radio.


    Not creepy. Totally romantic.

  9. Snag the same internship as them, show up/show out daily.


    Get the alibi, melt their heart.

  10. Propose a “bonus” night–one evening, just sex, no strings attached–but rock their world so hard they’re begging to put a ring on it.


    No one can love you like I do, boo.

  11. Get their parents to talk you up.


    “Jess was so great. They don’t make them like that anymore. You’ll probably end up with a garbage person now.”

  12. Prepare an interpretive dance that will knock their socks off.


    I mean, why the f-ck not at this point?

  13. Release a super emotional album like Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black.

    Embedded from www.youtube.com.

    It will give them relationship feels.

  14. And, if all of this fails, just have a blast with your squad.


    They’ll see how much fun you’re having and want that back. And if they don’t, who cares? You’re probably getting drunk right now.

If you can’t win back your ex, you can always try to find love online. Our staffers tried to do this. Were they successful? Find out below in the video.

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