Nicki Minaj Raps About Her Iconic VMAs Feud with Miley Cyrus in New Song

Listen. It's glorious.

Nicki Minaj confirmed her position as Queen of Life at last year’s MTV Video Music Awards when she called out host Miley Cyrus for allegedly saying rude things about her in the press. “Miley, what’s good?” Minaj quipped on stage–on live television–which spawned thousands of memes and carved Minaj a defined space in VMAs history.

Because this happened five months ago, you may have forgotten about it. However, the “Anaconda” empress brings up the now-legendary tête-à-tête on her verse in Yo Gotti’s new track “Down in the DM.”

“He said, ’Kylie, what’s good?’ I say, ’Miley, what’s good?'” Minaj spits on the song, which will no doubt spark a feud between the rapper and Cyrus’ seismic fan-bases.


But what does this meaaaaaan?! Is Minaj still salty about the entire spat? Is this a metaphorical olive branch for Cyrus? (Hopefully pot-flavored, because you know the former Hannah Montana star likes her grass.) Or is this just clever wordplay crafted by one of the best rappers in the game? Hopefully it’s not the third. That’s boring.

Listen to the track below. Minaj’s verse starts around the 1:20 mark:

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