Mendeecees Got Bars? Remy and Yandy Don’t Really Think So In This Week’s Check Yourself

"What is Mendeecees doing in the studio?"

In this week’s Check Yourself, while Remy was a little surprised to see Mendeecees in the studio with Killa Cam and she was dying laughing before he even got in the booth. More surprising though is when we learned that his beloved wife Yandy wasn’t really feeling it either! (And just to pile on, Cisco and Rich were trying to play Mendeecees too with their comments. Were they hating or nah?)

Rah Ali has been throwing so much shade towards Yandy when it seems all Yandy is interested in is planning (her), Remy, and Papoose’s wedding. Ain’t nobody got time for the extra drama, girl!

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