Wanna See What Cardi B’s Prison Bae Looks Like?!

"Can't wait for him to get transfer[ed] to his permanent prison so he could get a haircut and dress fly."

Over the weekend Love & Hip Hop turn up queen Cardi B posted a photo of her boyfriend who is currently incarcerated.

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#CardiB better let us see her jail boo

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Cardi posted (then deleted) a photo of her fella Tommy on her Instagram, writing, “My babe thooo. Can’t wait for him to get transfer[red] to his permanent prison so he could get a haircut and dress fly,” Cardi continued thanking her friend, “Thanks @RayBando for visiting Tommy for me, I been sooo busy.”

Cardi recently admitted she wants to get married to Tommy while he’s in prison and that rubbed some people the wrong way. Cardi clapped back at the haters though, saying, she’d get married “on the freeway” that’s how much she loves Tommy. She also had something to say to the commenters who’ve been saying they used to “f— with [her man].”
Cardi wrote, “I see you b—hes that used to F— WITH MY MAN poppin shit about me ,under the comments on GOSSIP SITES ….GET OFF MY P—Y you salty b—h ….And if you mad now you really going to be mad at my Illiterate snagled tooth ass keep watching ?????I got Sooo much shit coming out you b—hes is going to pull out your p—y hairs ….Carry ON.”

Not the p—y hairs. Oop. Well, okay, then.