People Got Freaky at Red Lobster This Weekend Because of Beyoncé

Cheddar BEY Biscuits, you know?

Beyoncé is widely accepted as the savior of the human race. However, in light of her new track “Formation” and slay-worthy Super Bowl halftime performance (featuring cameos from underground newcomers Bruno Mars and Coldplay), we learned she is peace guardian of something much more important: lobsters. Specifically Red Lobster.

Yes. Because of the Sebastian-sexual lyric in “Formation,” “When he f–k me good I take his ass to Red Lobster,” the seafood empire saw a spike in weekend sales compared to last year, according to The Crustacean palace saw a 33 percent increase on Sunday alone. So, you know what’s happening, right? Citizens of Earth received some A+ loving from their partners over the weekend and, as a reward, treated them to some Crab Linguini Alfredo. Only the finest delicacy.

“We are absolutely delighted with what we saw over the weekend, particularly the consumer sentiment that we saw expressed,” Red Lobster CEO Kim Lopdrup said to CNBC. “It’s clear that Beyonce has helped create some Red Lobster fans, and we are very grateful to her for that.”

And people are doing more than just chowing down on lobster tails. Bey’s grace made Red Lobster trend on Twitter for the first time in ~history~ and gave the restaurant 14,000 favorites + 14,000 retweets on a single tweet about “Formation.”

Cheddar Bey Biscuits indeed. The power of Beyoncé has no limits, people. We eternally thank her for encouraging seafood fetishes around the globe.