Filet Mignon vs. Sewage? MariahLynn and Moniece Are Beefing About Who’s the More Legit Artist

"I'm a musician. As a musician, I speak for all of us. She is trash."

Moniece Slaughter posted a photo last night, flipping the bird, and asking Cisco Rosado if she “looked like Mariah[Lynn].” Was this because Rich and Cisco mentioned Moniece on last night’s Love & Hip Hop?
Moniece wrote, AYE @cisco_rosado do I look like Mariah? I’m nobody’s bitch. I’m not just some nigga’s baby mama! I’M MOMO D MY NIGGA! I GOT YO’ BITCH…OPEN UP WIDE PUSSY! #riches HEARD YOU WERE LOOKING FOR ME…GET YOUR FLASHLIGHT OUT & KEEP LOOKIN FOR ME….

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