10 Things You Definitely Didn’t Know About Stevie J.

We all know he dated Eve and worked with Diddy...dig a little deeper and you'll find a whole weird world of Stevie J.
  1. He’s going into the movie business.

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    In a recent interview, Stevie declared that he’s co-producing, directing, and starring in a film called That Time of The Month, which will be released in February, 2016.

  2. He was almost related to Whoopi Goldberg.

    In addition to dating Eve and Mimi Faust, one of his earlier girlfriends was Alex Martin, daughter of Whoopi Goldberg. They were together for six years and engaged to be married.

  3. He’s originally from…Buffalo??

    Yep, he was a small-town kid with big city dreams. Stevie was born in Buffalo, NY and spent his formative years in Rochester, NY before heading to NYC, then Los Angeles, and finally Atlanta.

  4. His father is a Pentecostal bishop. He never knew his mother, she left his family when he was just 8 months old.

    This clip from season one explains a lot about his family life, that’s for sure.

  5. Eve’s song “Gotta Man” is rumored to be about him.

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  6. He used to tour with Jodeci.

    Before he was a producer, he got his start in the industry as the touring bassist for Jodeci.

  7. Faith Evans cast him in her latest video.

    Stevie and Joseline popped up in the 2014 video for Faith’s single “I Deserve It.” (The song is great on its own, but their cameo makes it that much better.)

  8. He’s got ties to the Jackson Five.

    After leaving Bad Boy Entertainment, he worked for Jackie Jackson, of the Jackson Five. Jackie was Stevie’s manager, and hired him to work at his company, Jesco.

  9. He’s a little bit country.

    Stevie has worked with artists way outside the world of hip hop. He’s also produced country records for Garth Brooks and Keith Urban.

  10. He’s a grandfather.

    Yep, Stevie’s adopted son, Angel Antonio Fernandez, whom Stevie discovered and repped since the boy was 14, has a boy of his own, making Stevie a grandpa!

[Ed. Note: An earlier version of this list featured a video of Stevie J. with two women, and identified them both as mothers of his children. We have since learned that one of the women identified was just a friend and had no romantic relationship with Stevie. We sincerely regret the error.]