Valentine’s Day Has Come And Gone: Songs That Salute Side Chicks and Side Dudes

? I'm your boyfriend number twoooo ?

The day after Valentine’s Day is (unofficially) the day men and women all over the world sneak away from their mains and go back to their side pieces. So if you were wondering why you didn’t hear from him / her on the appointed day of love, well, uh, this is awkward.

The side piece figure is alive and well in music. Men and women alike have been singing about the trials and tribulations of feeling stuck in love triangles for decades, and some even think that being the side piece can be boatloads of fun. Take “My Little Secret” by Xscape, for example. There’s a group of side chicks who find just being in the same room as the dude’s main freaky as all hell.

Check out the following songs that salute side chicks and dudes along with choice lyrical selections from each here. Diana Espir’s “Side Chick” anthem deserves an award.

  • “Official Girl” featuring Lil Wayne by Cassie

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    Choice lyrics: “I can’t make you choose / Long as you’re cool on knowing / You’re ’bout to blow a good thing”

  • “They Don’t Know” by Rico Love

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    Choice lyrics: “You stay patient and I respect that ’cause you know how to play your post / Them other bitches get antsy”

  • “That Other Woman” by Changing Faces

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    Choice lyrics: “Finally I woke up and smell the coffee / I understand why two women can’t share one man”

  • “Last Time” by Trey Songz

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    Choice lyrics: “I gotta figure it out / Can’t let no p-ssy come before my baby”

  • “My Little Secret” by Xscape

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    Choice lyrics: “I like being in the same room with you and your girlfriend / The fact that she don’t know, that really turns me on”

  • “Paranoid” featuring B.o.B. by Ty Dolla $ign

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    Choice lyrics: “I got em both the same damn red bottoms / And bought ’em both the same damn fragrance”

  • “I Can Love You” featuring Lil’ Kim by Mary J. Blige

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    Choice lyrics: “I can love you better than she can”

  • “You’re The One” by SWV

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    Choice lyrics: “Anything to make this love go further”

  • “Same Girl” featuring Usher by R. Kelly

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    Choice lyrics: “She gon’ be looking so stupid when she see us together”

  • “Borrowed” by LeAnn Rimes

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    Choice lyrics: “It’s pathetic how I lie around and wait all the damn time”

  • “If That’s Your Boyfriend (He Wasn’t Last Night)” by Me’shell Ndegeocello

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    Choice lyrics: “You’re just jealous cause he wasn’t with you”

  • “Boyfriend #2” by Pleasure P

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    Choice lyrics:“I’m boyfriend number 2 / Cause the first one he don’t really seem like he know what to do”

  • “Side Chick” by Diana Espir

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    Choice lyrics: “If your girl found out that we’ve been screwing, you’re life, it would be ruined… Then, you’d be all mine”

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