K. Michelle’s Ex Thinks She’s Ripping off Nicki Minaj in Her “Down In The DM” Remix

"Clapback season, welcome to my shade room."

K. Michelle’s “Down In The DM” remix has barely had time to breathe and people are already talking smack.

Michelle dropped her “K-Mix” of Yo Gotti’s song last night, joining the growing list of artists—Rick Ross, Waka Flocka Flame, Nicki Minaj—who want to get in on that “DM” action. “I’m tired of grown men acting like they’re young boys, the wagon with the least in it make the most noise,” Michelle raps. You can listen to the full remix here.

Michelle posted the remix to her Instagram page, which inexplicably elicited a fiery comment from her ex, Lance Stephenson, who put Michelle on blast for wanting to be Nicki Minaj. You can read the comment below, captured by The Shade Room.

“You be reaching K. Just admit you want to be @nickiminaj,” Stephenson wrote, claiming that Michelle ripped off one of Minaj’s lyrics. He also took a shot at Safaree Samuels, Michelle’s ex, essentially saying that if Samuels ghost wrote these verses for her, they’re trash. What should go down in the DM sometimes comes out in the comments section. It’s clapback season, y’all, and as Michelle would say, “Welcome to my shade room.”

UPDATE: 2/11 2:30 P.M.

K. Michelle posted the following Instagram this afternoon, saying that Stephenson’s account was hacked. “All over a remix,” she wrote in the caption field. “Some of yall need to find a life. I did kill that remix though. HA! More to come.”


We asked a group of guys for their thoughts on social media dating and whether or not it goes down in the DM for real. Find out what they had to say in the clip below.

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