This Is What Fashion at the Grammys Looked Like 10 Years Ago…

Oversized, beige pantsuits were IT.

I don’t care if you’re the self-procalimed fashion innovator Yeezy or devoted runway spectator Anna Wintour; your fashion choices growing up were not OK. None of ours were.

And when I say “growing up,” I really mean just ten years ago, when you were already an adult but still making super questionable fashion choices. I’m talking to you, Luda. And Chris Brown, you’re not off the hook, either. With the 2016 Grammys around the corner, it’s only right that we remind celebs of that time they wore the tackiest of ensembles to the big event, and remind ourselves, that we actually liked them at the time.

Disclaimer: Tacky had a whole new meaning in 2006.

  • Vanessa Minnillo made Marie Antoinette roll in her grave.


    … still rolling.

  • Chris Brown’s tailor was MIA.


    Luckily, though, his velour distributor wasn’t.

  • And LL Cool J’s was, too.

    Getty Images

    So trendy.

  • Ludacris was over his entire outfit.

    Getty Images

    Just take it off, Luda, it’s fine.

  • Pharrell and Chad Hugo are prepared to climb the Alps in all of those layers.



  • Jennifer Love Hewitt made Little Bo Peep pissed.


    For repping her like that.

  • Mario and his guest straight-up matched.


    Check mate.

  • Fantasia hid her American Idol trophy under her dress.


    Do those exist?

  • Alas, fashion pioneer Kanye West channeling MJ and Prince.


    Confusing, I know.

  • And Willy Wonka.


    ~So innovative~

  • Joss Stone fell on a wet painting before she showed up.


    Damn shoes.

  • So did Dorinda Clark.


    Another one bites the dust.

  • And Brooke Hogan was an IRL tangerine.

    Some would argue an IRL orange.

  • Paula Abdul was low-key pissed Simon wasn’t around to see her.

    And this silky lace getup with 2000’s written all over it.

  • Carmen Yuen was exploring a career as a flight attendant.


    Place your tray table up and never wear this again.

  • Tera Patrick makes us miss the store Rave.



  • Fiona Apple was late to be a backup dancer for Madonna at the VMAs.


    You know the one.

  • Speaking of Madonna, she performed in this special purple corset leotard.


    Even her dancer can’t handle the slay.

  • And Shirley Caesar got way too excited during her trip to Michael’s.


    Fabric bundles were buy one, get one free.

  • Black Eyed Peas capture exactly how we feel looking at these photos, actually.


    Sad, confused and nostalgic.

We love you, 2000’s. We love you a lot.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.