Kim K., Are You Really Cool With Your Man Rapping About Boning Taylor Swift?

Just wondering.

It’s official: Kanye West is doing the most of anyone in the history of man to up his record sales. (You know, Waves? The album which title has been changed more times than you swiped left today?)

First, was the Twitter feud with Wiz and Amber that esteemed professors around the world are probably still studying to try and make sense of WTF he was talking about. Then, was that Bill Cosby tweet. You know the one. Then, he cock-blocked Kylie from getting her paper with PUMA.

Now, he wants us to remember his infamous f–kery with Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMAs. AKA seven years ago. AKA six years since we moved on from it. His Yeezy 3 collection debut at Madison Square in NYC today featured his new song “The Life of Pablo,” which had the lyrics: “I feel like me and Taylor Swift might still have sex, I made that bitch famous.”


This is embarrassing for Kanye on so many levels, mostly because he thinks he’s god again and what he says about Taylor’s fame is simply so untrue (at ease, angry Twitter, I am a white girl named Taylor but I’m not even that of a big T. Swift fan). But who should be even more embarrassed here is wifey, Kim. As Kourt would say: it’s embarrassing for your soul.

Kim, we know you’re aware of how arrogant your man is. So that part may not bother you, although it probably should. But you’re cool with his arrogance reaching such an unreal level that he’d screw around in a song and say he could easily bone another woman if he wanted to? Someone he thinks he “made famous”? And who is 12 years his junior? Not only is that insulting to her, but to you.

Plus, he’s openly putting down another woman–a much younger woman. Ironic, seeing as how you and your family take pride in a global brand that is represented by, and run by, women. Not to mention, Kanye’s a father. Of a daughter. Sooo, this is just gross.

It’s also mind-boggling that the greatest artist the Milky Way has ever witnessed has to stoop down to go in on someone he already majorly went in on seven years ago. Running out of material, ’Ye? And the line isn’t even grammatically correct. Get with it.

But seriously, Kim, you’re better than this and this sloppy display on your man’s behalf. Get that dude in check.


Chop chop.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.