What the Hell Were These Random Celebrities Doing at Kanye West’s Album Listening Party?

Melanie Griffith, is that you?

Kanye West asserted his status as a full-blown psycho yesterday by having thousands of his friends (and the Kardashians) pack into Madison Square Garden for a makeshift fashion show and listening party for his new LP The Life of Pablo. It is just the kind of ridiculous crap we’ve come to expect (and love) from Yeezus. Khloe wore a pink fur (probably faux). Tyga wasn’t allowed to partake in family photos, apparently. Naomi Campbell vogued randomly. It was a lot.

But even stranger than any of this were the random celebrities who decided to show up. We expected rappers like Jay Z and 50 Cent to attend, but do you know who we didn’t? Rosie effing O’Donnell. And Pete Wentz. And Vogue editirx Anna Wintour. Why these stars decided to go is a mystery, but it certainly made for great photos. Allow us to explain:

  • Karlie Kloss

    Getty Images

    Taylor Swift’s ride-or-die. We wonder what she thinks about that “b–ch” lyric?

  • Pete Wentz

    Getty Images

    Thirsty for a collaboration.

  • Frank Ocean

    Without his album. Where is the album?!

  • Rosie O’Donnell

    Getty Images


  • Lil’ Kim

    Getty Images

    Scoping out her competition.

  • Bella Hadid (and Jaden Smith)

    Getty Images

    ~NeW fRiEnDs~*

  • Melanie Griffith

    Getty Images

    Kris Jenner’s gal pal, apparently.

  • Gigi Hadid

    Getty Images

    Is Kendall Jenner’s bestie a closet Yeezus stan?

  • Anna Wintour

    Getty Images

    Doing investigative reporting for Vogue, probably.

  • Jennifer Hudson

    Getty Images

    She is too sane and perfect for this ish.

  • Nick Young

    Sans Iggy Azalea. Was she blocked from attending or something?!

West’s listening party was fun and all, but remember when he epically beefed with Wiz Khalifa on Twitter? Relive it in the video below.