The Most Disgusting Instagram Accounts That You Can’t Look Away From


Instagram isn’t just for hot fitness models and the Kardashians. Nope. It’s also home to weird pages about popping pimples and taxidermy gone wrong. Yup. And you’re all a bunch of sick, twisted freaks, because some of these pages have thousands of followers. We’re ashamed.

But, more importantly, we’re intrigued. Yes, @drpimplepopper is a disgusting Instagram page, but there is something oddly enticing about it, which explains why we spent three hours scrolling through it. And these four other Instagram pages are no different. They’re all vile. They’re all interesting. We need to see a therapist STAT.

  • @drpimplepopper

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    It’s a self-explanatory handle. Dermatologist Sandra Lee pops mass amounts of pimples for your viewing pleasure. And these aren’t your ordinary blackheads; we’re talking cysts oozing with puss and cold sores that resemble Grand Canyon rocks. Click through only if you’re cool never eating vanilla pudding again.

  • @mrsangemi

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    This weird woman posts even weirder photos of body parts in various stages of decay. It’s vile, but weirdly enticing–especially if you have aspirations of being a surgeon. Or you’re just a sick f-ck. (Who can tell us what this organ is/what’s going on with it? If you can, you’re probably a serial killer.)

  • @cookingforbae

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    A notorious handle, @cookingforbae displays some of the most vile culinary creations known to man. From cakes that look like they’re growing fungi to turkeys with “baby diaper” stuffing (see above), this handle is not for the foodies of the world. However, if you have a strong stomach, you’ll be looking at this bad boy for hours on end. Yummy.

  • @craptaxidermy

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    Well-done taxidermy is creepy. So, imagine taxidermy that is intentionally screwed up to look terrifying. Sounds ridiculous, right? Nope, because @craptaxidermy exists. Chock-filled with cats with bulging eyes, deers in suits and haphazard leopard jaws, this is the weirdest page in our bunch. If you love animals, maybe you should steer clear of this one. But if you’re brave, open it up: It’s crazier than any acid trip you’ll ever take. ;

  • @medicaltalks

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    If you’re curious about medicine, this page is for you. If you like seeing human innards, this page is also for you. Prepare to be mesmerized by lots of intestines.