5 Secrets To Getting Your Hands on Beyoncé Tickets

Increase your chances of scoring tickets with these tips.

Buying presale tickets for Beyoncé’s Formation Tour is an emotional rollercoaster of its own, but soon the rest of us minions will have the opportunity to purchase tix. It’s exciting and nerve-racking, but we’re here to help. With these hacks, straight from the horse’s mouth (a.k.a. Ticketmaster), you and your BFF will be eating cheddar “Bey” biscuits while getting into formation with 100,000+ screaming BeyHive members in no time.

  1. Get your Ticketmaster account ready.

    Set up your Ticketmaster account and add your favorites before tickets go on sale. Sign in ahead of time and store your billing info so you can speed through checkout. Also, keep your info up to date – email address, billing address, credit card expiration dates, etc.

  2. Use Multiple Devices.

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    Get on as many screens as you can get your hands on—tablets, laptops, desktop, and your phone. Download the Ticketmaster mobile app (on iOS or Android) to ahead of time to make the process quick and easy. Whatever you do, don’t use more than one browser on each device.

  3. Step your Wi-Fi game up.

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    Find a private, reliable wi-fi network for the fastest connection. The last thing you need is your connection to go out right before you confirm your purchase.

  4. Get your friends in Formation.

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    Coordinate with your friends to split up the tickets. The fewer tickets you search for, the better your odds of scoring them.

  5. Keep checking back for Verified Tickets!

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    Sometimes tours or venues release additional tickets anywhere from one week to a few hours before the show. In some cases, fans can’t make it to an event and Ticketmaster’s platform lets them resell the ticket easily. They verify the authenticity of the barcode and reissue a new barcode – and you’re able to buy a verified ticket that is guaranteed to get you in.