WTF Was Johnny Depp Doing During the Motorhead Lemmy Tribute at the 2016 Grammy Awards?

So crazy!

Metal god Lemmy from Motorhead received a suitably loud sendoff from rock greats, including Alice Cooper, Joe Perry of Aerosmith and Duff McKagan. That’s all well and good, but things got weird when Johnny Depp, a.k.a Willy Effing Wonka, appeared alongside these icons in the tribute.

He sort of looked the part–greasy, disheveled and slightly disoriented. If you were drunk, you probably thought he blended right in with the other dudes. However, lucid watchers knew very well the Mad Hatter was awkwardly jamming along these music heavyhitters. What exactly was he doing up there? Yes, we understand he is a part of Hollywood Vampires, but we can’t differentiate his music persona from, ya know, Edward Scissorhands.

We’re confused and scared. And, weirdly, slightly aroused.

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