The Internet Is Dragging Zendaya’s Mullet at the 2016 Grammy Awards

Fans say she looks like Donald Trump. And Billy Ray Cyrus. And a Pokémon.

Zendaya is typically a flawless red carpet queen, but she made a beyond tragic decision at Monday night’s Grammy Awards–well, according to Twitter. The “Replay” goddess rocked a–wait for it–mullet to the show, and the Internet dragged her. They dragged her hard. It’s brutal, folks.

But is it warranted? We’ll leave that up to y’all, but here are just a few things people say Zendaya is channeling with her ’do: Donald Tump , Bill Ray Cyrus and a Pokémon. That last one is our favorite, to be honest.

Take a look at some of the funniest responses to Zendaya’s outrageous locks. They’re more polarizing than Mr. Trump himself.


A K-pop fan.

David Bowie.

These people.

Joe Dirt.

Donald Trump.

Bill Ray Cyrus.

We’re calling it: Zendaya’s hair is definitely a conspiracy. While you have those on your brain, watch this video on alleged conspiracy theories about the Grammys. Some will blow your mind.

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