“I Got The Same S— Hoe-riah Got!”: Moniece Isn’t Too Happy With What Rich Got Her For Valentine’s Day

"...at least she getting 6 min I've had 0 in the past like 8mo."

This weekend, Rich Dollaz took to to Instagram to joke about how he’s given up his creep ways, and Moniece was real quick to comment creep on the picture he posted to let everyone know that he’s still the same old Rich. MoMo writes that Rich not only dropped the ball with Valentine’s Day by failing to show out for her, but she says “I got the same s—t Hoe-riah got….NOTHING at least she getting 6 min I’ve had 0 in the past like 8mo.”

Rich began by posting the following pic last night:
And then the argument ensued in the comments:

Yikes, Even though she seems fake tight, looks like MoMo wouldn’t mind if Rich creeped into her DM, but then again, V-Day is over. Too little too late?

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