Taylor Swift’s Hysterics Stole Ed Sheeran’s Grammy Moment

She needed to calm down.

Ed Sheeran won his first Grammy for Song of the Year (“Thinking Out Loud”) tonight, but you wouldn’t have realized that with the amount of times the camera panned to an aggressively excited Taylor Swift, who was also nominated for “Blank Space.”

TayTay was so lit about Sheeran winning Song of the Year that she arguably upstaged the redheaded Brit. Not only did she embrace Sheeran in a death-grip hug, but she spent the majority of his speech with her mouth agape on the verge of tears…or explosion.

Why T-Swift was so jazzed about Sheeran winning is unclear. The obvious reason is that she was just genuinely pumped for her friend, but Swift conspiracy theorists probably think she did it to put the attention on herself. It’s more fun to indulge in the latter theory.

Watch Swift lose her s–t more than usual in the video below. And maybe call an ambulance.

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