Bow Wow Thanks His “Biggest Fan” Charlamagne After Being Called a “Donkey” at the Grammys

Is that spring trying to break through or just clap back season?

I’m upset.

So is Shad “Bow Wow” Moss. The 2016 Grammys pre-show host was not having Charlamagne’s two cents on The Breakfast Club today about the job he did last night. Bow experienced a brief timing error before the show began, so Tha God named him “donkey of the day.”

“Yes, I give Shad Moss a hard time and Shad Moss has won in life and will continue to win, but boy was this funny to me last night,” he said. “Now, live TV is no joke. [He] was hosting the CBS pre-show at the 2016 Grammy Awards, and either Shad Moss don’t know, don’t show or literally didn’t care what time it was because he had one job. One! And that was to throw to the start of the Grammys when the clock struck zero.”

Pissed off Shad gave his “biggest fan” a piece of his mind. He was so pissed, in fact, he ended up deleting it afterwards.

SMH, bro.

Why is Bow going to write this valid defense and diss to just delete it? Are we supposed to take you seriously? Stand up for yourself, man. Don’t be another ’Ye, and make clap back season actually worth our time.

And if you’re still wondering what everyone was daydreaming about during the snoozefest Grammys, we think we have it figured out:

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