People Are Reporting Rihanna Had a Meltdown Before Ditching the Grammy Awards, But We Sense Haterade

Something isn't right here...

The 2016 Grammy Awards were significantly less fun Monday night because Professional Bad Girl Rihanna bailed on her performance last minute. She blamed her no-show on a pesky bout of bronchitis, but TMZ reports a different tale–something much more dramatic. Dun, dun, duuun!

According to the gossip site, Rihanna had a “screaming” and “hysterical” meltdown before ditching music’s biggest night (where she was rumored to be singing “Kiss It Better,” a track off her new LP Anti.)

But no one knows exactly why RiRi (reportedly) went into a tizzy. Some sources say the pop star wasn’t pleased with her rehearsal and abruptly left out of anger. Other sources claim she sounded really good during the rehearsal, which is waaay different than the medical excuse her team is spinning. Annnnd all of this is suspect because Rihanna actually slayed her performance at a Lionel Richie charity event two nights before the Grammys. Yup. There is f–ckery afoot.

Will we ever know really what happened? Probably not, but we call bulls–t on this so-called hysterical meltdown. People love slapping the diva label on female stars, and we think this is no different. The “Work” singer probably noticed the whack Grammys audio issues that went on to plague both Adele and Justin Bieber and didn’t want to take the chance. So, she firmly (and unwaveringly) decided to cancel, and people viewed that as a “screaming” hissy-fit. Maybe she wasn’t sick, but we don’t think she went all Joan Crawford on anyone, either.

And also, so what if she was angry? She probably had a right to be.


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