Gwinin Fest Went Left And Rah Ali Has No Regrets In This Week’s Check Yourself 610

"Shut the f--- up, shut the f---up, just shut the f---up."

Rah Ali went TF off during “Milly Rock,” of all songs. While Yandy feels that Rah was just being mad extra for the cameras, Remy backs up her bestie in this weeks Check Yourself. Rah isn’t feeling Yandy’s “I have no idea whats going on, ever” attitude. “Yandy is ’Yandy Full-Of-S–t Harris'”, Rah says because she’s sick of it and is so over Miss Moe Money. Yikes, problems with e’rrybody, sheesh!

Meanwhile the other ladies feel Moe needs to humble herself instead of getting order of protections. Throwing bottles tho? What’s the beef?

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