Please STFU About the Rumor That Jay Z Cheated on Beyoncé with Tori Kelly

This is garbage.

Welcome, to the Internet, where a “report” from a trolly, jank AF website is taken seriously as real news.

Case in point: CrazyDaysAndNights.Net (DOT. NET.), a blind-item gossip site that looks like pop-up spam. Some (probably) basement dweller posted this short story on CrazyDaysAndNights.Net in September:

This has bulls–t written all over it. Do you notice the giant HipChat ad obstructing your view and 2008 HTML format? This is nothing but some person hyped up on Cheetos spewing fibs from the comfort of a futon. Annoying, yes, but in today’s media climate, pretty harmless.

What is harmful, though, is when other news sites discover this “story” and give validity to it., and other sites found this item recently and are now posting it–not as “WTF is this crap?!” like we are, but as probable news. Just look at these headlines from the past days: Say It Ain’t So: New Report Claims Hubby Hov Was Creeping On Beysus With THIS Up And Coming Pop Star CAUGHT CHEATING!!! You Are Not Gonna Believe . . . Which BLONDE . . . Jay Z Was Allegedly Caught . . . MAKING OUT WITH!!! (Bey Better Call SOLANGE . . . To Come Better Handle THIS) Tori Kelly & Jay Z!???????????
Farrah Gray: Jay Z Reportedly Caught Cheating With Another Singer!

Brah. Brah. BRAH. All of these news outlets need to take several seats. Since when is some anonymous troll with a WordPress account a valid news source? The fact this rumor is even getting attention–five months after it appeared on the Internet, mind you–is ridiculous. This is straight trash, and anyone not calling it that needs to go to bed.

Did y’all not get the memo? Never mess with Beyoncé.


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