Brittany Has Switched From #TeamKaren To #TeamDrita In This Mob Wives Bonus Clip

"I'm looking at Drita because Drita is the only person in that moment of time who f---in' understands me."

Brittany does not like Marissa Jade (this is not news) and had no problem stepping to her when the time came. Although it didn’t turn out how she amped it up, in this bonus clip, Brittany linked up with Drita to have a little workout sesh to get that body right and tight for Fashion Week. After jumping on workout trampolines, they jumped right into the conversation of what went down, and Brittany wasn’t feeling the fact that Karen consoled Marissa before coming to her.

Drita admits that she and Karen have an up and down relationship, but she’s not buying the BS Karen is selling with her reasoning. Maybe everyone should just mind their business?

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