Adele and Ellen DeGeneres Pranked Jamba Juice and It’s the Best Thing Ever

"Do I pay? I'm a celebrity."

Expert prankster Ellen DeGeneres + rowdy queen Adele = best prank ever.

Fresh off of her emotional 2016 Grammys performance, Adele made an appearance on The Ellen Show. The songstress helped the TV show host set a new voicemail recording and the pair also teamed up to prank a Jamba Juice. This second bit was amazing.

After yelling “Hello from the outside!” outside of the Jamba Juice, Adele walked in looking regal as hell in an all black getup, ready to start some nonsense. Via an earpiece in Adele’s ear, Ellen told Adele what to do, which included such absurd acts as demanding a large juice be put in a small cup, requesting a juice spiked with Disaronno and using a pair of scissors to cut some wheatgrass and eat it. Oh, yes. Adele nommed hard on wheatgrass in a Jamba Juice and loved it. (Or at least, she pretended to.)

Watch the ridiculousness go down in the clip below, via The Ellen Show.

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