Bonus Interview: Margeaux Isn’t Here For Mimi’s Belligerent Behavior

Margeaux wonders why Mimi's the one acting upset, since she's not the one Nikko cheated on.

“Honestly, when I first met Mimi at the fashion show, I guess in my own naive mind, I thought I could still have a glass of wine with her!”

In our exclusive chat with Margeaux about her first encounter with Mimi, Margeaux seemed disappointed that things went as left as they did, mainly because she was surprised Mimi went AWF on her so fast. “I can’t talk when someone is like…screaming at me,” she explains, adding that she doesn’t know why Mimi is the one who is upset. “I know she’s probably upset because she found out he was married but it’s like, who cares? It’s not like he cheated on her….Shouldn’t I be the one who’s emotional?”

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