The Most Passionate #FreeKesha Tweets Will Give You Real Perspective

It's much more than a hashtag.

Today is not our girl Kesha’s day. The singer has been denied an exit from her Sony contract by the Manhattan Supreme Court. In case you’re unfamiliar, she filed a lawsuit against her producer Dr. Luke in 2014, for allegedly giving her drugs and sexually and mentally abusing her (to the point of an eating disorder). There’s even a petition to #FreeKesha, with over 130,000 supporters. But here she is, still held hostage by her contract, unable to move forward.

Kesha was photographed sobbing in the courtroom while fans outside held signs in support of her, saying things like: “Dr. Luke is a piece of s–t” and “I Stand with Kesha.” Today, the online community, including celebs, joined them, sharing their messages on Twitter, making #FreeKesha a constantly trending topic all day.

Here are some that will truly move you:

Keep trucking, K. You got this.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.