This Photo of Very Drunk Kris Jenner Describes Every Life Situation

God bless this queen.

Oh, Kris Jenner–as if we couldn’t love your crazy ass more!

The Kardashian matriarch and her daughters Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Kylie rang in their friend Jonathan Cheban’s 42nd birthday Sunday night, and of course they all posted gratuitously on social media about it. Lady Khloe uploaded a pic of herself and an especially, erm, happy Kris. And by happy, we mean drunk. “So drunk,” according to Khloe’s caption:

The glazed eyes! The pursed lips! The, “I see you there” grimace! We’ve all made this exact face after one too many vodka shots. But something about Ms. Jenner’s face feels particularly universal. In fact, it can apply to just about any life situation. Allow us to demonstrate:

  • When you see your ex at the bar, and he looks like straight trash.


  • When you’re the only one who heard the teacher fart.

    I’ll keep this secret…until my Wi-Fi kicks in.

  • When the pizza man comes to the door.

    Knock, knock.

  • When you catch your best friend in a lie about something dumb AF.

    Girl, please.

  • When you still have $10 on your Starbucks gift card.

    PSLs for days.

  • When your mom says you can take the leftover lasagna home with you.

    Coming in clutch.

  • When Target is still open.

    STFU, I need this translucent stapler.

  • When you have an extra egg roll in your Chinese delivery.

    A gift from above, really.

  • When the study guide is verbatim the exam.

    I may get a job, after all.

  • When your FWB wants to hook up, and you have the crib to yourself.

    Hop on over.