Watching 12-Year-Olds Sing Along to Drake’s “Hotline Bling” Performance at a Bat Mitzvah Is a Confusing Experience

Mazel tov.

Drake just made the religious experience of his “Hotline Bling” dancing even holier. The 29-year-old took his hit about late-night love and booty calls to a group of bopping adolescents at a NYC Bat Mitzvah on Saturday night. If that doesn’t scream “Welcome to Womanhood,” I don’t know if anything else on earth does.

A few things that make this series of events super questionable:

  • 1. The kids know every. word. Their voices, which are peak puberty, let you know it.
  • 2. Do they know what this song is talking about?
  • 3. Would we have known when we were 12?
  • 4. Do we even really know now?
  • 5. Drake serenades the woman of celebration like she’s Rihanna in the “Work” video.
  • 6. He’s very into it. Like, giving it his all. Madison Square Garden status.
  • 7. Is this officially the new “Havana Nagila”?
  • 8. Was he paid to give this creative birds and the bees talk so these parents wouldn’t have to?
  • Watch it here-and all together now-let’s feel creepy:

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