Tyga Made an Amazing Observation About the Blac Chyna-Kylie Jenner Cooking Show Nonsense

Alright, Tyga. We see you.

Professional mansion owner and lip kit trailblazer Kylie Jenner announced yesterday the launch of her cooking show. Lord knows what Kylie is kooking in her kitchen, but if you subscribe to her app for $2.99 a month, you can find out (and report back).

The typical reaction to hearing that a Jendashian is launching a new anything these days is something like, “Really? Welp, that’s cool or whatever.” But Blac Chyna, who is currently banging Jenner’s half-brother Rob Kardashian, was actually a little salty about Jenner’s show. As it turns out, Chyna, too, has (or once had?) a cooking show on Snapchat (???) and no one really ever knew about it.

Chyna posted a screen shot of her cooking show’s Instagram page to her main Instagram page (are you keeping up?) yesterday. The Shade Room captured her post, which she later deleted, saying, “The step relatives are going at it again.” Jenner hasn’t commented on the fact that she and Chyna both seem to have cooking shows and frankly, can this whole occurrence truly be anything more than just a coincidence considering that no more than 6,598 people even knew Chyna’s cooking show had an Instagram page?

Who better to shed some light on the situation than Tyga, Kylie’s rapper beau and Chyna’s baby daddy? T-Raww hopped on Snapchat to make a great point about what everyone now considers “beef” between Jenner and Chyna. You can peep what he said in the two videos below, captured by The Shade Room.
“Hey, look. 2016? 2016? Motherf-ckers gotta stop acting like they invented every motherf-cking thing out here,” Tyga said in one Snap. “Everything’s already been done. Everything that you doing, everything that this person is doing, or the next person. Somebody already did it!” he continued. And he’s right. Plenty of people (and celebrities) either have their own cooking show or are competing on cooking show networks. Have you seen Masterchef Junior or Kids Baking Championship? Even kids are on cooking shows these days.

If he hasn’t already, Tyga should add professional mediator and philosopher to his resume. It’s good to have something to fall back on in case his day job, a.k.a. rap career, doesn’t work out.

But in all seriousness, this Jenner vs. Chyna cooking show nonsense is petty as hell, though I would be interested to watch them share a kitchen at the next Jendashian dinner. Wouldn’t you?

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.