Rob Kardashian Just Implied Sex with Blac Chyna Is More Important Than His Family

Khloé is probably pissed.

Instagram maverick and sock troll Rob Kardashian is at it again. The 28-year-old took to his favorite social media site to brag about the fact he is getting cozy with Blac Chyna, the sworn nemesis of the Kardashian sisters…and the world.

But the Kardashian brother took things a smidgen too far with his latest post troll. He essentially implied sex with lady Chyna is infinitely more important than keeping ties with his waist-training, selfie-loving siblings. You know Rob was scrolling through Tumblr on some couch, came across this meme, cackled and posted knowing his sisters would go nuclear. And for them, that means eating a second cookie.

Can we 100 percent confirm this is about R’s personal situation? No. He is crafty enough not to be so obvious. However, come on. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Here’s hoping big sister Khloé Kardashian responds with another mafia-style, “Don’t go against the family!” post. Dramatic, but pretty damn accurate. Good sex is fleeting, Rob. Your sisters and their apps are forever.