Casey Affleck Thinks Bernie Sanders Would Thrive at this Unlikely Job

Spoiler alert: it's not Channing Tatum's butt double.

Casey Affleck plays an incorruptible cop in the gritty crime drama Triple 9, out this Friday. But he admits that in real life, he couldn’t hack it. “I’m not sure that I could pull it off,” he reveals to VH1. Besides the obvious, Casey admits why he wouldn’t be able to handle the stressful job of a police officer (even though we would flirt TF outta him if he pulled us over any given day). Oh, and, yeah, where the hell does 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders fit in to all of this? Would Casey want to work with him in real life? Use the forces to derail his campaign? Read below to find out.

In the new flick, the actor’s character Chris Allen is used as bait between gangsters and cops in the streets of Atlanta, and he explains that after actually spending some time with the LAPD and Atlanta PD, the job is seriously taxing in many more ways than we may realize.

“It is not an easy job to go home from at the end of the day; to find a balance between a normal life where you can go home and be with your wife or kids and then go to work,” he said. “You’re putting yourself, deliberately, in the middle of dangerous and stressful situations. What I admire about people who go into it for the right reasons and who stay committed to doing it is they are putting their lives on the line and they are also having to adjust themselves and try to keep balance for the sake of doing a public service.”


But if he were a cop in a real life, you’d never believe who he’d want to roll the streets with. Yup, Bernie, the Democratic US senator and current candidate for the White House. Not only would Casey want 74-year-old Bernie as a partner in crime, but as a boss man. “Bernie seems like he would be a real [leader],” he told us. “He seems like a pretty levelheaded, reasonable guy who could be the captain of a police department.”

El capitan, eh?? Well, guess we know who’s got Casey’s vote.

And don’t think we didn’t ask about brother Ben. If put in a real-life crime scenario, which would be the cop and which would be the criminal? “We would both be cops and [Ben] would be corrupt,” he laughed. “I don’t know, it just felt like something to say.”

Interesting, C. Very interesting. Why don’t I just take you both into custody and we’ll take it from there?

Check out the trailer for Triple 9 here:

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