Future Has His Own Set of Emojis Now–and One Is Very X-Rated

You can't un-see this.

Future now has something major in common with Kim Kardashian. And it involves butts.

The rapper followed in Kardashian’s–and Ghostface Killah, Fetty Wap, and Fabolous’–footsteps and released his own set of emojis through the Moji Keyboard app. This is something you didn’t know you desperately needed, am I right?

Ciara’s ex-boo decided his life was interesting enough to be a part of your daily texting grind, so–boom!–Future-mojis (?) were born. Now, Future stans can send their friends images of their king dabbing and hanging out with DJ Khaled–you know, the essentials. Texting will never be the same.

But where do butts come in, you ask? Well, if you fork over $1, you unlock Future’s ~*sPeCiAl*~ emojis, which include one of a man sticking his thumb up a woman’s butt–inspired by his song “Stick Talk,” of course. The perfect thing to send to someone when you’re trying to be romantic.

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Don’t have $1 to spare? No worries. Future’s basic emojis are free on the Moji app. Fingers crossed this entrepreneurial move helps with that pesky $15 million lawsuit Ciara threw at him. (Details below.)