That’s So Raven‘s Orlando Brown Calls Jhonni Blaze the “Biggest Celeb THOT” but She Classy Claps Back Like a Boss

Push through girl!

Why are these two beefin’? Former childhood star Orlando Brown from That’s So Raven tried coming for Jhonni Blaze by saying that back in the day the former Love & Hip Hop star was a “THOT.”

In a comment, captured by TheShadeRoom,, when asked “Who’s the biggest childhood celebrity THOT?” Orlando responded, “I’d say lol @therealjhonniblazeduh.”
Now, it’s no doubt that Johnni is a multi-talented musician who can sing and play several instruments but she’s also got a talent for the classy clapback. In a video posted to her Instagram, that has since been deleted, she says, “I took a year and a half off from TV, and music, to get, you know, my life together and I refuse to be negative so God bless you and get well, Orlando.”

It’s all about the growth in 2016. Beautifully done, Jhonni!

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