Everything Chelsea Handler Is Thinking in This Butt Pic Her Ex 50 Cent Randomly Posted

One can only guess.

50 Cent is a peculiar fellow.

One minute, he’s in the middle of serious drama with his son and baby mama. The next, he’s posting ass-out pics of his ex, Chelsea Handler. Semi-strange, since she’s a free the nipple kinda gal. Oh, and actually strange because no one really knows what the eff is going on here. Is this a revenge pic from the vault? Is this happening in real time? It’s a mystery that can only be solved by delving into the trenches of the iCloud, and we all know how that adventure can go.

We may not know what in the actual hell is going on here (except for Handler’s bangin’ bod), but we think we know what was going through her mind at this very moment in time. Something like…

Actions speak louder than words.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.