Motorhead Announce New Album Bad Magic + Release Date

The metal titans will drop their 22nd album in the fall.

The metal community is celebrating today, as Motorhead have announced their 22nd (!) studio album, Black Magic. The band have be hinting for days that a new full-length was imminent, and earlier today they confirmed the news with a Facebook post featuring the release date and album art.

The “XXXX” featured on the cover, long teased as a potential title, actually spells out the number “40” in Roman numerals. It’s a fitting adornment, considering the band are celebrating four decades together this year. The album will feature 12 original tracks, and a cover of the Rolling Stones’ classic, “Sympathy For The Devil.”

Check out the track listing below!

“Victory or Die”
“Thunder & Lightning”
“Fire Storm Hotel”
“Shoot Out All of Your Lights”
“The Devil”
“Evil Eye”
“Teach Them How to Bleed”
“Till the End”
“Tell Me Who to Kill”
“Choking on Your Screams”
“When the Sky Comes Looking for You”
“Sympathy for the Devil”

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