Kris Jenner Just Said What All of Us Are Thinking About Kanye West’s Twitter Antics

No lies detected here.

Kanye West has been doing a lot on Twitter lately. It started with a feud with Wiz Khalifa, but quickly, West started going on lots of incoherent Twitter rants about everything from Rolling Stone to being $53 million in debt (???). No one knows what is going on. It’s unsettling–unnerving even. We should probably call the police. We’re scared.

But don’t panic. Kris Jenner is here. The heroic mythological goddess emerged from her lily pad in Calabasas to put all of our minds at ease about ’Ye’s Twitter fingers. And how did she do that? By saying exactly what all of us are thinking about the rapper and fashion G-O-D.

“…there have been days where there should be a no tweeting law and I feel like I will ground him,” Jenner told Ellen DeGeneres on the episode that airs Tuesday, March 1, according to Us Weekly. “…it comes out not exactly the right way and people get it misconstrued through the media and then it’s complicated, what can I say?”

Yes, you read that correctly: Lady Jenner wants to ground Mr. West like he’s a 6-year-old caught eating too many cookies before bedtime. It’s a brilliant image. Jenner–clad in a waist trainer, swirling a vodka soda–sending West to his bedroom, which is probably covered in photos of airplanes and Kim Kardashian. No computer for a week until you cut the s–t, young man!

What are the chances of West actually getting sent to bed with no supper? A time-out is exactly what he needs.