Rihanna’s Navy and Beyonce’s BeyHive Are Going at it on Twitter and It’s Bad

Twitter's shade level is through the roof.

Fewer fanbases are fiercer than Rihanna’s Navy and Beyonce’s BeyHive. So what happens when the two go head to head? Nothing good, that’s for sure.

The Navy and Beyhive are going at it on Twitter right now and it’s getting nasty, which is somewhat expected, given RiRi and Bey’s seemingly touchy history. It all started with a tweet Rihanna supposedly favorited and then un-favorited. Someone caught a screen grab of the original tweet and you can view it here.

The tweet reads as follows: “The fact that ’Desperado’ is HIGHER on the Bubbling under chart than a single performed to a global audience.” “Desperado” is off Rihanna’s latest album Anti. The “single performed to a global audience” referred to here is thought to be Beyonce’s “Formation,” which she performed at Super Bowl 50.

The screen grab shows the tweet under Rihanna’s likes, which caused members of the Beyhive to jump to their Queen’s defense. One thing led to another and now, Twitter’s shade level is on a hundred.

It’s worth considering that Rihanna isn’t the only one who runs her Twitter account, so perhaps someone from her team favorited the tweet. It’s also possible RiRi didn’t find the tweet shady until the Beyhive started coming for her. There are tens of other explanations we could give, but for now, here are some of the nasty things fans of both singers are saying about their idols right now.

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