The Snapchat Game Is Real: Get Into Your Fave VH1 Stars Snapchat Story

And these people are already some snappy mofos.

Snapchat has taken over social media so much and some of your VH1 stars took advantage of the wave. Over the years, we went from updating our AIM statuses when we got home to updating people in real time. From funny filters to self destructive DMs, many of us have been guilty of being addicted to “the snap”.

With so many different ways to use it, people like Miss Nikki Baby ,Sky, and even Papoose are most definitely on it. Check out how some of your faves snap it how they live it.

  1. When You Don’t Wanna Text Bae, But Want Them To See You Lookin Good Out Here

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    Milan Christopher (Love & Hip Hop Hollywood)

  2. Snap Is Obviously For The Subtle Thirst Traps

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    Miss Nikki Baby (Love & Hip Hop Hollywood)

  3. The New Cute Filters Are Everything, Isn’t Eva An Adorable Little Mouse?

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    Mimi Faust (Love & Hip Hop Atlanta)

  4. To Prove To Those That Your Son Is Always There To Support You, No Matter Where You Are

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    Moniece Slaughter (Love & Hip Hop Hollywood)

  5. Gotta Show Your Contacts That People Out Here Effs With You

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    Sexxy Lexxy (Love & Hip Hop)

  6. Sometimes You Just Have To Let The People Know You’re #Working

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    Papoose (Love & Hip Hop)

  7. Even When You’re Chilling, Someone Is Always Sneaking You On Theirs

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    Bianca Bonnie (Love & Hip Hop)

  8. No One Has More Snap Filter Fun Than Sky

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    Sky (Black Ink Crew)

  9. And Sky…

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  10. And Quannie? Oh No. Just Sky Again

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  11. Sometimes You Need It When The Weather App Clearly Isn’t Working On Your Phone

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    Donna (Black Ink Crew)

  12. Duh! Like Why Have Snap If You Can’t Dance To RhiRhi

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    Yandy Smith (Love & Hip Hop)

  13. If You Don’t Document A Lituation With Snap, It’s Like It Didn’t Happen

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    Mariahlynn (Love & Hip Hop)

  14. Even The HBIC Ain’t New To This

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    Tiffany “New York” Pollard (Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn)

  15. And Of Course Both Black Ink Crews Have To Document The Turn Up..OBVI

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    Ryan Henry (Black Ink Crew: Chicago)

I wonder if it goes down in their DMs?

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