These New Photos Make it So Obvious that Blue Ivy Is Going to Be the Next Beyonce

It's like she already has more talent than most people do in their pinky.

The slay is hereditary, it seems.

Queen Bey just posted new, behind-the-scenes photos of her Super Bowl 50 rehearsals, and for a minute, you’ll think her four-year-old Blue Ivy was the one prepping for her big performance. Their similarities are uncanny.

We briefly witnessed her innate stage presence in the “Formation” video, but these photos make it real. She glides, held up by Chris Martin like he’s some butler, bellhop boy. She demands the room’s attention with a single look. She does it all with a sparkly purse hanging from her arm.

This is something that science can’t even explain. If you’re busting your butt, thinking you’re the next Bey, try again.

  • Here she is, prepping for her big moment.
  • She already has the skill most aspiring Cirque de Soleil troops can only hope for.
  • Figure skater, ballerina, mystical princess all in one.
  • Here she is, effortlessly gliding across the floor, purse in tact.
  • And here, posted up like an OG boss.
  • The center of the squad already.
  • After all, a queen does give birth to a princess.

Kellys and Michelles of the world: prepare yourselves.
Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.