A Knife Was Found Buried at O.J. Simpson’s Estate, But That’s Not the Worst Part

What does this mean?

The one major piece of evidence that was missing during the O.J Simpson/Nicole Brown Simpson murder investigation was just found. Maybe.

TMZ reports a construction worker found a knife buried in Simpson’s estate “years ago” and gave it to an off-duty cop who kept it for himself until recently. (Coincidentally, a knife was a piece of evidence never found in the Brown Simpson murder investigation.)

Here’s what went down, according to TMZ: The construction worker unearthed a “folding buck knife” on the Simpson property, ran out to the street and found an LAPD officer. The cop took the knife and held onto it until January 2016. That’s when he–now retired–asked a friend at LAPD’s Robbery Homicide Division (RHD) about the department record number for the Simpson/Ronald Goldman case. The reason? He wanted to frame the knife and engrave the number on the frame. He told his RHD pal all of this.

Of course the RHD employee told his bosses. They freaked out an demanded the cop hand over the knife. He did.

The knife is currently being thoroughly investigated for hair and fingerprints and will soon get the DNA treatment.

But that’s not the craziest part. Those who have seen the knife say it “could” have blood residue on it, but they won’t know until they test it.

Double jeopardy protects Simpson from further legal action should the cops find something, but that’s not stopping them from digging. We’re eager to see what they find.

Update: Tuesday, March 8 at 4:53 p.m.: According to The New York Post, Simpson isn’t losing sleep over the knife discovery. However, he is a tad concerned the discovery might affect his parole. (He’s currently serving nine to 33 years in a Nevada prison for kidnapping and robbery.) “[O.J.] is a little worried because if it’s one of his pocket knives and if it’s got his blood on it, that could make him look bad when he’s up for parole,” his former manager Norman Pardo told People. “That’s really his only fear.”