Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick Open Up About His Latest Partying

Kourtney Kardashian Shares Her "Pain" as Scott Disick Defends His Recent Partying

Kourtney Kardashian hasn’t directly commented on Scott Disick’s party-filled Mexico getaway, but she does reveal that she is in pain. After Scott made headlines for partying with models and drinking, Kourtney shared a very personal tweet earlier this morning.

Scott came to his own defense during his first interview since he went into rehab with PEOPLE.

“The only thing I find unfortunate is that I’m seeing a ton of press saying ’Scott’s off the wagon and he’s this and he’s that and he’s all these things,’ ” he told PEOPLE exclusively. “The truth is I never lied and said that I was never going to have a beer again. I never said I was never going to have a cigarette again. I never lied and said I was never going to go to the beach again. I never lied and said I was not going to be around my friends and their girlfriends and girls and friends.”

He goes on to reveal that he’s just looking for a little balance in his life.

“The truth is I just to live my life and I want to have a little happiness and a little balance,” he said. “The truth is rehab did help me and now I’m just trying to be responsible. I’m not out here trying to get wasted, but you know what, I will have a beer on the beach. I’m not doing drugs, I’m not doing anything insane, so I think people just need to relax … I just want to try to live my life.”

No word from Kourtney yet.