Bette Midler’s Shade for Naked Kim Kardashian Is Next-Level

Introducing Bette Midler, Mayor of Shadeland.

Bette Midler is one hell of a personality.

By now, you’ve either seen or heard about Kim Kardashian’s umpteenth naked mirror selfie she posted to Instagram early this morning. Many thought the post was tasteless, others began singing Kardashian’s praises and more still were completely numb to it all. But you know who’s not numb to it? Bette. F-cking. Midler.

Midler hopped on Twitter shortly after all of the buzz for some shady sorcery aimed directly at Kardashian and anyone who was drooling over her nude pic. Midler cast a spell on all of them via the following straight-to-the-point tweet.

Oh, Bette. You’re in Shadeland now. In fact, we’re gonna go ahead and give you a key to the city. You’ve really earned it.

Abracadabra, ladies.


UPDATE: 3/8/2016 1:45 P.M.

After Kardashian responded to Midler’s tweet early this morning, Midler posted the following on Twitter, letting Kardashian know that it was all a joke to begin with.

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