Ladies Need To Think Twice Before Claiming Waka Flocka Because Tammy Rivera Is Not The One

She definitely doesn't play when it comes to her man.

Earlier today, Chief Keef’s baby mama Slim Danger boldly took to Instagram, to make Waka Flocka Flame (also known as Mr. Tammy Rivera) her Man Crush Monday. She went on to hint in her caption that their bond goes deeper than just cuddling.
“We ain’t no cuddle buddies this is way more than that @wakaflocka #MCM”

Tammy’s phone must have been going off because she logged onto her Instagram to shut down Slim’s claims and expose Slim for being nothing more than a thirsty fan:

“Let me stop my busy day to address this real quick…. Ok back to my regular program”

Yass, pull out those receipts hunty! Looks like Tammy has more important things to do than entertain false rumors. She tried it! Slim hasn’t given up though, posting later:

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