Flashback to the Time Stevie Threatened To Take Eva Away From Mimi

They're cool now, but they were pretty vicious back in the day.

Things are all good between Stevie and Mimi now, what with their joint business partnership in MF Management, and their ability to successfully (and adorably) co-parent Eva. But if you’ll recall, things have never been this rosy between them on the show, not since before Joseline was in the picture at least. In this bonus clip that we found from early on in season one, Stevie even went so far as to threaten Mimi and tell her he would take Eva away from her. “Ain’t a f—ing judge in they life would give you no f—ing baby with the lifestyle you live,” Mimi retorts.

You know when Mimi’s angry and she gets ALL up in people’s faces? That happened. And then she throws him off the property with the help of security.