The Funniest SNL Political Sketches of All Time

There's no chill when taking aim at Washington's most powerful figures.

By: Brenden Gallagher

This hasn’t been Saturday Night Live’s proudest election season. Though they got Larry David to do a kickass Bernie Sanders and Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton is impressive, the general feeling is that SNL bungled things with Donald Trump. After asking Trump to host, the show’s attacks on him, including the funny “Racists for Trump” parody ad feel like too little too late. Part of the problem is that Trump is essentially already a parody of himself. The other issue is that the mainstream media, including SNL, have been so willing to give the bigoted, intellectually challenged candidate a megaphone, provided they get a ratings boost in return. Even if they take shots at him here and there, these programs willfully aided in his rise to prominence. Let’s remember some better political times for the venerable sketch show with The Best SNL Political Sketches of All Time.

Ask President Carter
March, 1977

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