Is This Snapchat of Christina Milian Talking About Getting Penis in Front of Children Inappropriate or Nah?

Here's the video. You decide.

Christina Milian has people feeling some type of way over a series of videos she posted to Snapchat this week. The Love Don’t Cost a Thing icon and “A.M. to P.M.” chanteuse uploaded clips of herself hanging out with her 6-year-old daughter Violet and young nephews. That’s cute, but then Milian started saying bizarre s–t some people think is inappropriate for tyke ears.

“I didn’t get any penis again,” Milian said while laying in bed with the children. She and the kids start giggling, which makes us wonder if they even understood what she said. Then, one of her nephews starts playing with a vibrating massager, which prompts Milian to ask, “What if I told you to put that in my butt?” He laughs and keeps playing with the massager.

Milian’s nephew starts massaging her calves. We cut to the nephew playing with the massager again, and Milian asks, “How does it smell? Like my butt?” Watch this all unfold in the video below, courtesy of

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