Kanye Spilled the Tea on Hating This One Thing Kris Jenner Does ALL the Time

Can she live?

Kanye just said something that will inevitably cause Kris Jenner to hold a family meeting in 3…2…

While tweeting away, as he is apt to do, Kanye revealed what he does and does not like about the state of fashion today. Yeezus, who is fresh off his Yeezy Season Two debut, didn’t hold back, especially when talking about suits.

“I don’t personally like suit jackets anymore,” he tweeted. Fair enough. I can think of plenty of men who second that sentiment. But it’s this next tweet that’s a little problematic because of a certain someone in ’Ye’s extended family who’s guilty of wearing this trend literally all of the time.

Damn, Kanye. That’s really just too bad because:

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Oh, this too:

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And to think Mother Jenner loved you like her own / let you sleep on her shoulder when your eyes grew heavy! The woman birthed the only person you (maybe) love more than yourself. She’s a MF queen, is she not?

Also, what’s a girl to wear during the day when she has meetings to go to, errands to run and a Yeezy fashion show to attend, anyway? A T-shirt and some yoga pants? This isn’t Equinox, you know.

Oh. Well, then.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.