These Hilarious GIFs Perfectly Sum Up Your First Time Having Sex

Awkward, and probably fast.

Having sex for the first time is interesting, to say the least. It’s fun (?), sure, but it’s mostly just sweaty and cringeworthy–like the first day of school…except naked.

And the Internet understands this. A Reddit thread popped up asking users to submit GIFs that sum up their first time doing the nasty. The results are so spot-on, it’s a little scary. Actually, it’s very scary. I’m scared.

From premature, erm, excitement to going too fast, these GIFs are 100 percent you as a virgin. Hell, they’re all of us.

  • Sex for the first time is very overwhelming, you know?

  • It takes a second to gain your footing.

  • The first kiss will definitely be awkward.

  • You’ll be tempted to rush into it guns blazing. Don’t.

  • Because if you get ahead of yourself, it can be catastrophic.

  • Catastrophic.

  • And you’ll probably tire earlier if you do this. Also bad.

  • Just relax.

  • Contain yourself.

  • Seriously. Self-control.

  • It’s very important.

  • Sometimes you’ll get confused. Is this normal?

  • You’ll definitely fumble.

  • And fall flat on your face.

  • Yup.

  • But with the right partner, it shouldn’t be that embarrassing.

  • It’s possible sex will bore you.

  • And you’ll think, “Is this it?”

  • But it gets better, I promise.

  • And, eventually, you’ll get it right. But today is not that day.