The Trailer for Tom Hanks’ New Movie Will Make You Feel Things

Ugh, he's perfect.

There is a universal truth to anyone who enjoys watching movies: Tom Hanks is supreme. It doesn’t matter what genre is your main jam, everyone can get jiggy with a Hanks film. He’s the most universally-liked guy in Hollywood–hell, even Stacey Dash likes him. He’s the king.

That’s why it’s fitting Hanks’ latest film has the word “king” in the title. It’s called A Hologram For The King, and the trailer for it dropped March 11.

Hanks doesn’t play a king in it, though. He stars as an American businessman who gets thrown a curveball that leaves him with no house, no job and no wife. So, he does what any normal human does in that situation: flies to Saudi Arabia and pitches a holographic system to the country’s king. You know, some real therapy.

Cultures and customs collide when Hanks’ character makes new friends…and even meets a potential girlfriend, a Saudi doctor played by Sarita Choudhury. It’s quite a departure from Hanks’ dramatic fare. King appears charming, humorous but somehow quintessentially Hanks. We can’t wait. Check out he trailer below.

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