North and Saint West Are Already Twinning as Hell

Like sissy like brother.

Last month, new-age Mother Teresa Kim K. gave the world its first peek at her little munchkin Saint. Fast forward a few weeks and we see how he’s already looking like a spitting image of-not mom, not dad-but big sis North.

It’s crazy. Crazy adorable.

We don’t even have to see them together to recognize the uncanny similarity. And even though North is her own grown woman now, don’t forget about the little nugget she once was.

Alas, the proof:

Here’s the new pic of three-month-old Saint.
And his clone, North.


Nuts, but obviously the twinning gene runs in this fam.

Now that the face game is covered, what about the ’tude? Will Saint pee on dad Kanye whenever he feels like it, like North? Will he tell the paps to beat it? Including his mom?


King + Kween of the kastle.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.